artist Anatoly Timoshkin

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Анатолий Тимошкин

Anatoly Timoshkin is an artist who brilliantly possesses painting and its techniques. Often basing the paintings on two or three colors he – by the method of sophisticated comparison – forces all colours to literally “burn” at full intensity. Thanks to the original texture, the surface of his paintings looks precious. As the artist would have said, all of his paintings must be professionally made into masterpieces, from the beginning to the end: from the priming to the finishing touches; like the old masters, wanting to confirm by all his creative work that the culture of the Classical Painting didn’t disappear. Bread on Renaissance art, Anatoly Timoshkin is very modern in his art. He builds the images through the active colours and textures. His pieces are simple enough in shape, deeply established in composition – when the thin sophisticated line passes into a generalized form: and unreal image appears. Amongst the great variety of artist’s works we decipher, as a leitmotif, the mysterious influence of the Orient appears.